Yo, this is Prem.
I design products and make films.

Host @ Film Decoded
Currently designing digital environments for student communities at Openhouse
I stumbled upon UI/UX design when I was learning motion graphics. As I started exploring, I was really fascinated by the structured creativity involved. UI/UX design lays emphasis on research, frameworks, iterations and feedback which are foundational blocks of any creative process.

I strongly believe one will be a better creative in general, by deeply understanding and practicing Design.
Multiple products at Openhouse, an ed-tech startup
Openhouse is a VC backed start-up. Being the first designer onboard, I was responsible for designing the core product - a video platform for students and educators, and multiple marketing landing pages.
Openrooms: A group study platform for students
At Openhouse, we tried to solve the problem of student being able to study together remotely. Along with the main product, have also designed the landing page. The team consisted of two designers and a product manager.
100 days of illustrations
Right off the bat, this redesign is in no way associated with Uber Eats. It’s simply a design exercise. I recently started working as a UI/UX designer and I took up this...
Re-imagining the UX of Uber Eats
In this case study, I tried to address some UX problems in the UberEats app. I chose four major sections and redesigned them to address the issues. Read the full case study for a deep dive.
100 days of illustrations
Took up this challenge to get started in design. Picked up Illustrator and made one design everyday for 100 days. Read more about my experience here.
Incident and Breach Management | Exterro
Designed the UX of the first privacy product of Exterro. The challenge was to build a product that caters to all the privacy laws in the US. Worked with a a team of 11 to bring this product alive,
Freelance videos
I started out with the aim of becoming a freelancer in film-making. While my main area of focus shifted to design, I always keep picking up interesting video projects to work on. These usually help me explore a completely new field and it's always interesting that way.
Trezee: Non-alcoholic Wines
Which film-maker wouldn't want to capture and edit a wine-making video? Collaborated with a musician who also happened to be my roommate. Yes, we took home a case!
PushOwl + Headphone Zone case study
This was a high budget, high responsibility gig, bigger than anything I had done until that point. Howerver, it was made extremely hasslefree by the amazing folks at PushOwl. The video is currently live on the Shopify official site with over 14,000 views.
Made this for a department fest at college. I was sitting in the last row when this video was played for the first time in an auditorium and someone said to his friend "They killed the video" and that's so far the best compliment I've ever recieved.
The Culture Machine: VIVA
Extremely fortunate to have collaborated with VIVA as a Digital Intermediate (Colour Grading) artist. It felt really great to see my name in their credits, given that I had been a huge admirer of their work since school days.
Pan-India Survey
This video was aimed at nudging people to fill out a survey regarding the Indian education system. We spent a lot of time scripting this to establish a connection with the viewers as early in the video as possible and it had to be visual heavy to keep them engaged.
This is my most prized possession. It's where I dump all my thoughts, experiences and learnings. Making fun and informative videos just for my channel surprisingly paved way for so many exciting freelance and full-time opportunities for me.

Through this channel, I wish to give a beginner's perspective to freelancing in video, photography and design by sharing my own experiences. My goal is to reach out to the Indian student community and share tangible ways of building alternate careers.
Design Intern | Bengaluru Vlog
In this video, I shared how my day was as a design intern with Abhinav, who currently runs UI Sources and 10k Designers. I was involved in the early work of these projects and it helped me get started in design.
My Freelance Journey | Rewind 2017
Freelancing was a distant dream in 2016. All I wanted was to work with various brands and that actually happened on a large scale in 2017. I shared every detail from how I started to what clients I worked with in this video
A structured way to start freelancing
Over two years, I had tried multiple ways to land freelance projects. In this video I shared the ones that proved most effective for me. This video is for anyone who is starting from scratch in any field.
A day in Delhi with the GoPro Hero 6
I wanted to exploit the slow motion capabilities of my brand new GoPro with this video. A new format I tried with Vlog and Cinematic in the same video.
Cycle Trip to Mahabalipuram
A long 100km cycle ride along the coast of Chennai. Tried an entirely new colour grading technique where the scheme is changed from RGB to something custom.
Creative Coding
Once I started working full-time, I took this up as a fun side project. As I started diving deeper, I developed a deep appreciation for math, a subject I performed disastrously at college. But with no obligation to perform well anymore, I explored and experimented with many equations and creative ways of visualizing them. Also made many new connections in the, still nascent, Indian creative coding community.
Whenever I come across like-minded people I often find out what content they consume. What we spend time on makes and shapes our thoughts. Here are some of my sources of inspiration, information and skillset. These people on the internet literally helped me get where I am.
Peter Mckinnon
Freelance film-maker, YouTuber
Peter is one of the most versatile artists with experience in design, photography, film-making, card-tricks, leather making among many others.
Tech reviewer, YouTuber
No one beats MKBHD in making the best produced tech videos. My intros for the YouTube videos are highly inspired from him.
Tharun Bhascker
Telugu film director
An educated, disruptive director who makes films that are as close to reality as possible. I rewatch his films just marvelling at the way each scene is tailormade!
Phil Lord + Chris Miller
Hollywood director duo
They are experts at making pointless humour work. They are behind the Jump street, Lego and Spiderverse movies. Their emphasis on iterative creative processes inspires me the most.
Matt D'Avella
Minimalist, film-maker, YouTuber
His productivity and lifestyle tips have helped my professional and personal life in many ways. An honest personality with exceptional camera skills
Casey Neistat
YouTuber, Badass
The guy who gave me the push to start freelancing. An unconventional film-maker with powerful storytelling abilities. His story inspired a generation of young creators.
Chris Do
Designer, YouTuber
The guy who taught me how valuable creative work is in the market and how to price it well. One of the the very few quality design teachers on the internet.
Joe Rogan
Podcast Host, Comedian
His long form content helped me get a deep understanding on random subjects like mycology, astrophysics, tech etc. Best companion for boring workor long rides.
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